Hi, my name is Carolyn Li-Madeo and I am currently a Library Graduate Student. I decided to study Library Information Science because of my life-long love of books and ephemera. Much like many of my fellow classmates, I’ve also had a longstanding love affair with well organized information. My academic and work background is in bookbinding and the book arts and I hope to find a way to connect my passion for books as physical objects with my studies. I entered in to library school with a strong interest in archives, museum studies and special collections, but with each class and each new reading I am learning more and more about all of the amazing possibilities the Information Sciences field holds. I created this blog to document my time in library school and to share my findings with friends, fellow classmates and anyone else who has an interest in libraries, artists’ books, ephemera, archives and information organization. Finally, in what way is an antelope a document? In her famous book What Is Documentation, Suzanne Breit brings up the argument that an antelope in a zoo is a form of document, because it is used for study. Try to catalog that!


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