Monthly Archives: September 2012

Library School: One month in

After deciding to employ a movie-theater-style of approach to the small auditorium my library school orientation was hosted in, I seated myself in a center row flush against a wall. Other students filed in, filling all of the seats around me, the lights dimmed, teachers and faculty lined up at the podium and as the […]

The Museum of Endangered Sounds

Since in April of 2012, three friends operating collectively under the guise of Brendan Chilcutt – an AOL using, gerbil loving, electronic noise enthusiast – have been preserving and sharing the sounds of old technologies through The Museum of Endangered Sounds. Yes, their museum features the gorgeous symphonies of cathode ray tube TV’s, the beeps and bops […]

Annie Carroll Moore

Annie Carroll Moore (July 12, 1871 – January 20, 1961) born in Limerick, Maine was the visionary behind, and founder of, the first children’s reading room in the United States. Throughout her career she advocated for children’s rights as librarian patrons, revolutionized the relationship between libraries and children, and less notably wrote a number of luke-warm […]

British Printed Images to 1700

British Printed Images to 1700 is an amazing searchable database of prints and book illustrations from early modern Britain. The online library was a collaboration between numerous libraries and museums in England, primarily The British Museum and The National Art Library at The Victoria and Albert Museum. bpi1700 uses individual cataloging records for each of the […]