Monthly Archives: October 2013

Formulating batch API GET requests with Python

The first step in many linked open data and digital humanities projects is requesting data from institution’s APIs. The documentation for APIs can be extensive (New York Times) or more limited in scope, especially for projects that are not yet complete. While attempting to retrieve data from the new Cooper-Hewitt API for a school project, […]


Halloween Posters for the Library

The library I work at is big on Halloween and the student workers have been a-buzz about our upcoming Halloween Party since the first weeks of the school year. Generally, holiday festivities are limited to within the library staff but a little bit of poking through the catalog revealed that there’s a lot of spooky […]

Accessing Government Data and Statistics During the Shutdown

Many government funded information sources have been affected by the Federal Government Shutdown, however there are still a few ways to access government information online during the shutdown. Bulk Census Data Downloads: Census Reporter: IRS Tax Statistics: Available without updates: PACER: & RECAP the law: FDsys limited updating of Congressional Materials and documents necessary to […]

Libraries, Databases and Information Sources affected by the Federal Government Shutdown

The Federal Government Shutdown has affected the following institutions. These are institutions that serve the American people and citizens of the world by connecting people to valuable information and resources. I will update this list as more websites and institutions are forced to shutdown due to a lack of funding. Please feel free to comment […]