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Linked Jazz Postcard

Crafting Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage: Mapping and Curation Tools for the Linked Jazz Project

I’m proud to announce that the Linked Jazz Project has had a paper published in the Code4Lib Journal! Working as a part of the Linked Jazz Project Team with my peers at Pratt SILS as well as dedicated alumni and our fearless project leader Dr. Cristina Pattuelli has been a major highlight of my time […]


Annie Carroll Moore

Annie Carroll Moore (July 12, 1871 – January 20, 1961) born in Limerick, Maine was the visionary behind, and founder of, the first children’s reading room in the United States. Throughout her career she advocated for children’s rights as librarian patrons, revolutionized the relationship between libraries and children, and less notably wrote a number of luke-warm […]