Banned Books Week (poster)

This week we are celebrating the freedom to read, and illuminating the history of banned and challenged books in the library. The week is starting off with a new blog post I wrote for the freshly updated SFC Library Blog, and a display of books in the library’s holdings that have made it on to […]


Yearbook Photo, 1980

Digital Archives are easier to create than ever before, utilizing content management systems such as Omeka, Drupal, Collective Access or even WordPress, libraries and institutions can share and organize their collections through the web. Digital archives can turn  300 years of chowder recipes into a resource that historians can utilize to analyze regional cuisines, or a media preservation […]

The Illustrated Library: Daily (or somewhat regular) creative commons illustrations of library stuff. Individuals and academic institutions are welcome to use illustrations on (non-commercial) websites and print materials with attribution.

cartoon ipad

Rumors of an iPad pilot study for the library began circulating back in October. Two weeks ago — after months of negotiations, careful planning and adjustments — a bank of 20 iPads were delivered to the library.  Cataloged and all dressed up in matching protective cases, the iPads are now available and awaiting the return […]

Library Map

The library map is one of my most used tools at the Reference Desk. Prospective students and their families take copies as they pass through on tour, students and professors utilizing the library from other schools use it to find their way around, freshman locate quiet spaces to study and almost every student who comes […]

Linked Jazz Postcard

I’m proud to announce that the Linked Jazz Project has had a paper published in the Code4Lib Journal! Working as a part of the Linked Jazz Project Team with my peers at Pratt SILS as well as dedicated alumni and our fearless project leader Dr. Cristina Pattuelli has been a major highlight of my time […]

The small-to-medium sized undergraduate library I work for has been making the move to e-books. New orders are generally purchased as e-books, older volumes are avoiding the bindery, and lost titles are replaced with e-books. E-books in general, and specifically order-on-demand, have allowed the library’s collection to grow and stretch in new ways: additions to […]

With a lighter class load for the summer and the library I work for closed on Fridays during July and August, I’m hoping to get a lot of reading done in the next few months. Spending all of my time around books and bibliophiles, as well as reading a lot of book abstracts for collection […]

How many stories can one block tell? Before there were skyscrapers and yellow taxis, there were a multitude of different New York Cities. Listen-in, above, for a mini-history of the busy corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue. I’m not sure if I can consider my Reference class from this past semester to truly be […]

Continuing the legacy of the New York Times Index, which stretches back nearly to the founding of the newspaper, The New York Times and The New York Times Company Research & Development Lab have adopted Linked Open Data to maintain and share the newspaper’s extensive holdings. The New York Times’ suite of Linked Open Data […]