The Infinite Jukebox

The Infinite Jukebox is the result of feeding a song into The Echo Nest (a music data service) where it is decomposed into individual beats. Paul Lamere then created an algorithm to analyze each beat and match it to other similar beats in the song. Lamere explains the use of this data by stating that “[the] information is [then] used to create a detailed song graph of paths though similar sounding beats.  As the song is played, when the next beat  has similar sounding beats there’s a chance that we will branch to a completely different part of the song. Since the branching is to a very similar sounding beat in the song, you (in theory) won’t notice the jump.  This process of branching to similar sounding beats can continue forever, giving you an infinitely long version of the song.” Just one example of the interesting uses for music data.
More about The Infinite Jukebox here:

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