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  1. Awesome article.

    The one issue I’m going to bring up just the looseness of the term digital, and how it can be applied to almost any situation where libraries, archives, or museums will work internally or with other institutions make archival material available online. I see smaller special collections libraries probably having to find that one perfect collection to digitize in hopes of gaining either more grant money or that all so important boost in physical users.

    One example that I had a part in can be found at the Institute of Jazz Studies’ Digital Exhibits at These are more web exhibits based on the works of famous jazz artists, but in now way are these ‘exhibits or digital archives’ comprehensive to what they have on these artists. I guess they’re are just mini-showcases of what IJS as an institutional collection has and maintains.

    I’m interested see the future of archives as a whole, and how the effects of technological immediacy will force them to physical downsize.

    BTW I saw the NYPL Salman Rushdie talk on TV a couple of weeks ago. It was really insightful. He jokingly remarked how terrified he was to see that even his small notes scribbled would be available one day for future generations to pore over and examine.

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