The Museum of Endangered Sounds

Photo by Dan Forbes for Wired Magazine

Since in April of 2012, three friends operating collectively under the guise of Brendan Chilcutt – an AOL using, gerbil loving, electronic noise enthusiast – have been preserving and sharing the sounds of old technologies through The Museum of Endangered Sounds. Yes, their museum features the gorgeous symphonies of cathode ray tube TV’s, the beeps and bops of Tamogachis, and even the clinking of QWERTY keyboards, along with many more of the vanishing sounds from the long-gone days when our electronics still made noises.

In an interview with Huffington Post the trio discussed how their project related to nostalgia: although each of the sounds that they have captured on their website is part of a collective past, the sounds evoke different and specific memories for each of them and many of their users. Perhaps a Nokia ringtone or the hum of a fax machine will be your Proustian madeline.

For more on The Museum of Endangered Sounds check out these articles:

Wired, Huffington Post, Salon

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