& The Art Genome Project’s pattern gene, powered by The Art Genome Project is an online platform for users to discover – and if you have the means to – purchase art. The Art Genome Project is an “open source project to map artists in real time” that aims to “make art searchable.”  is “an ongoing study of the characteristics that distinguish and connect works of art. evaluates artworks across 800+ characteristics [called genes]—such as art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities—to create a powerful search experience that reflects the multifaceted aspects of works of art.”’s “genes” range from the visual (color, medium, etc) to the more complex, such as the subject matter of the piece. Although all of the workings behind TAGP and are left vague, an article featured in Wired Magazine suggests the use of tagging by TAGP staff, the uploading and tagging of art by galleries, and finally “a large Excel spreadsheet” where each entry is rated from 1-100 on their possibility of fitting into a gene.

Check out and The Art Genome Project’s informative blog:
And have fun using 

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